Prayer of Petition

Prayer of Petition

Submit your prayer petition & prayer of thanks to:, use first names only. Anyone who reads these prayers please pray for them as we all need prayers, thank you. Blessings Always.


  Dear Lord, please stay by us and guide us to always follow in your footsteps and help our faith to grow stronger everyday.  Right now Lord my husband and I are having a hard time financially,  please keep us strong and help us dear Lord to get through this tough period in our lives.  Dear Lord, I pray for it to be your will to bring more work to my husband's place of employment and for myself as I am just starting a small business of my own to be able to get enough clients to keep my small business going.  I ask this through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary.  Amen.  K.A.R. & E.N.J.R.

  Dear God in heaven, our Pastor has fallen ill, I humbly ask you to please bring him to full recovery and back to health so that he can resume his pastoral duties with our parish.  He is such a devoted priest to each individual and has a special place in all of our hearts.  He is very much missed by all his parishoners.  Dear Lord, please hear my prayer. I ask this through Saint John Vianney and Our Blessed Mother Of The Immaculate Conception, Mary. Amen.  HF

  Dear God, please pray for my brother as he was diagnosed with MS, he is having a hard time Lord, I ask of you to please guide him,protect him and let him know that you are beside him helping him.  Please Lord give him strength that he so needs and comfort his family to be able to comfort him and to give him the support that he really needs.  I ask this through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother Ever Virgin, Mary.  Amen.  K.N. and Family.

  Dear Lord Our God, we really need some prayers for Isabelle she under going alot of treatment and chemo at the IWK please pray for her system to agree with the treatment and pray for her Mom and Dad to be strong during this time.  Dear Lord please restore Isabelle back to health, we ask this through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Ever Virgin Mary.  Amen. K.M>C.G.

  Dear Lord Our God, I humbly come to you to heal my Dad he had heart surgery on Friday that just went by Oct the 5th and they think somethng may of went wrong, I ask for you to keep my Daddy well and make his heart anew.. please bring him back to health Dear Lord,. I ask through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Virgin Mary.  Amen. E.B.

  Dear God, my son took sick and is currently at the IWK undergoing some tests, he has had internal bleeding and his blood count is very low and Dear Lord, please restore my son back to health.  He is a very good child and a dedicated parishioner with our church and this is the year for him to receive the sacrament of confirmation, which is very special to our family, I also ask for the parishioners to please keep my son Carter in your prayers, many thanks. K.R.M & J.M.

  Dear Lord, please watch over my daughter Sarah as she has a seriou kidney infection, comfort her dear Lord  and please help the doctors and nurses to restore her back to health.  Dear Lord I ask of this petition through the intercession of our Immaculate Mother, Mary. Amen. MAO

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